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Landscape Technologies believes that, to create a successful design on any project, requires three elements: Great design skills, up-to-date technology and proper project management. Our ultimate goal is to provide quality planning and design services to shape the natural environment, offering innovative design and innovative solutions to create great places. Great places offer a sense of community, of civic pride and enjoyment.

This is especially true where quality of life issues are important, such as park planning and assisted care facilities. These services are provided in a fair and consistent way. We work closely wit
h our clients to understand what they need and what they hope to achieve. Then we put our creative and technical skills to work to help you create your own great place. As the project progresses, we constantly ask:

                •  Is the design solution affordable?
                •  Can we keep it on schedule, meeting all deadlines?
                •  Can we make it more efficient?

We are not a practice that will rely on past achievements but consider each new project a beginning toward greater things to come.

We invite you to visit our Services page and review our online Portfolio to learn more about the scope of our professional design services. Talk to our past clients and you’ll hear descriptions like integrity and honesty, open-mindedness and friendliness in a meticulous process.

Our style is down to earth – perhaps it’s because we truly enjoy our work and getting to know our clients, to learn about their challenges. We strive to forge a relationship of mutual trust and respect. Our success is dependent on this team approach and understanding the needs of our clients. In fact, we feel that the more input provided by the client, the stronger the overall design becomes!

If you have any questions after reviewing the site, feel free to contact us (see below), and thanks for visiting.


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