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To always deal fairly and honestly with all clientele.

To be professional in all our dealings with clientele, colleagues and consultants, including a vow to never steal a colleague’s existing client.

To take personal interest and a strong initiative in solving our clientele’s problems which are within our areas of expertise.

To always deal with client requests promptly starting with the return of telephone calls.

To constantly improve our techniques and methods of landscape architectural practices and knowledge.

To accept client complaints, giving full explanation and exercising tact at all times.

To protect and guard ALL confidential client information.

To provide thoughtful, experienced attention in a personal way.
Ethics and Client Relations
At Landscape Technologies, we operate with the attitude that we would rather lose a contract than to lose a client. We believe we have a responsibility to stay informed of new techniques and technologies through continuing education and to communicate this with our clients whenever necessary.

As ethics are important to us, we promise: